March 11, 2012

leavin town

HI! Last night was the best!!!!! we love freakin weekend!!!! Nashville knows how to do it fokkin right! we are leaving for tour in a couple of hours. First stop is Memphis at the poplar lounge with NOTS and DJ Crenshaw
Tomorrow we'll be in The big EASY (NOLA) who dat? at Siberia with Cron dog, pujo, missin monuments, and coathangers. I'm really tired. come to da shows, look at our events page for all the upcoming SXSW and Hunx and his punx dates.
==>link it up

also, here's the cover of our new record, Super Treatment Coming out May 8th on infinity cat recordings

and here's a pic of me and jamin and bridget on halloween

have fun out there!

February 20, 2012

boom bap

Next Saturday the 10th we will be playing the 3rd annual Freakin' Weekend!!

We will be at THE END gettin; freaky deeky! Come party with us!

the men
Mikal cronin
Heavy Cream (duh!)
traditional fools

More info on our show and the WHOLE FEST over at!