August 31, 2010


We went to Charlottesville VA and it is not where I like to be. Virginia is for lovers though and my grandma's name is Virginia so thats something. We saw Danny's grandma today and she is so nice!! She gave us some Oreos and rotten fruit. She calls Danny "Strong Man from Borneo". She loves him. Washington D.C. is the new place to be and the Black Cat is the top of the pops. I'm gonna have vegan lasagna for dinner and I am so excited! I'm getting some hummus too. We listened to Rodney Dangerfield tape in the car and saw the Pentagon.

Monkey Bar Melissa

August 30, 2010

WATCH TV and EAT SUSHI. dooooooone.

August 29, 2010


Guess What! Happy Birthday Ben Todd! Yesterday we ate at a Mexican shrimp factory with Beth and me and Jessy drew pictures of juggalos in the van. Then we came to Charlotte, North Carolina. Its pretty nice here but KISS was playing last night! Too bad we couldn't play with KISS. Mimi loves KISS so much! We got to play at Snug Harbor and they had a mural of an octopus eating a ship. Also Elroy the bartender put on Bat Out of Hell for me and we got to listen to almost the whole thing! I love Bat Out of Hell! Some old people did the nasty on the patio at Snug Harbor and that was funny.

Big Trouble in Little melissa

August 28, 2010

Back on Tour (NOT Back to School)

We're back on tour! But Guess What?! Our Digi Cam Broke! Bummer!!! I didn't want to hear that becauz now my ebay business is totally ruined.
We played in Knoxville last night at the Pilot Light. I love it there! Knoxville rulz. We turned into demons on stage and had a demon barbeque. When we turned back into people we drank some beerz with our friend Beth, who is the coolest and also gets to be a demon if she wants to sometimes. We bought a two foot long sandwich at a gas station for five dollars and today i feel BAD. But it was worth it! The sandwich was good! It tasted better than a subway sandwich and it was twice as long. We still have extra if anyone is hungry and I will bring it back to Nashville in my cooler if anybody wants it. Otherwise i'm gonna feed it to a dog later. Beth's house looks like a hacienda and she is the boss chiquita. She let me read her US magazine. I fell asleep on it though and crushed up the pages. I hope she already read most of it.
Jesus Mary and Joseph and melissa

August 16, 2010

release party!

so the party is happening at Billups Art. It's behind Drifter's bbq on Woodland St. in sortof an alley. It's $10 and you get free beer! oh yea, and THOSE DARLINS are playing. great! This is our record, come get it!

August 13, 2010

Pre-order DANNY!

Get it here!

holy moly here it comes! getting ready to release our album Danny on Infinity Cat. The release date is August 24th. We are throwing a huge party at a secret spot with secret bands on this date. Watch out for the information. BUT! If you pre-order the record before August 20th, you get a special tour DVD =) we are so stoked and ready to party!!!


August 10, 2010

Spirit Journey

New Shirts! Heavy Cream and Tina Turner forever!


Thanks Converse!

August 5, 2010


we r playing tomorrow night at foobar! ALSO our record release show is going to be august 24th more details coming soonn...