August 28, 2010

Back on Tour (NOT Back to School)

We're back on tour! But Guess What?! Our Digi Cam Broke! Bummer!!! I didn't want to hear that becauz now my ebay business is totally ruined.
We played in Knoxville last night at the Pilot Light. I love it there! Knoxville rulz. We turned into demons on stage and had a demon barbeque. When we turned back into people we drank some beerz with our friend Beth, who is the coolest and also gets to be a demon if she wants to sometimes. We bought a two foot long sandwich at a gas station for five dollars and today i feel BAD. But it was worth it! The sandwich was good! It tasted better than a subway sandwich and it was twice as long. We still have extra if anyone is hungry and I will bring it back to Nashville in my cooler if anybody wants it. Otherwise i'm gonna feed it to a dog later. Beth's house looks like a hacienda and she is the boss chiquita. She let me read her US magazine. I fell asleep on it though and crushed up the pages. I hope she already read most of it.
Jesus Mary and Joseph and melissa

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