August 31, 2010


We went to Charlottesville VA and it is not where I like to be. Virginia is for lovers though and my grandma's name is Virginia so thats something. We saw Danny's grandma today and she is so nice!! She gave us some Oreos and rotten fruit. She calls Danny "Strong Man from Borneo". She loves him. Washington D.C. is the new place to be and the Black Cat is the top of the pops. I'm gonna have vegan lasagna for dinner and I am so excited! I'm getting some hummus too. We listened to Rodney Dangerfield tape in the car and saw the Pentagon.

Monkey Bar Melissa


  1. "danny let me wash yr kitty kitty"

  2. awww, sorry to hear you guys did not like Charlottesville. we thought Heavy Cream was awesome!

  3. Wow, man. OK. Well at least enjoy the records. Safe travels.

    - Jonny

  4. thanks for letting us crash! we met plenty of cool kids in cville, and had fun, just got treated poorly by the promoter.