October 15, 2009


Our favorite blog is everyone's favorite blog and that is right!

"Best Blog for Keeping Up With the House Show Circuit:
Nashville's Dead
Since house shows take place at the homes of people, and sometimes those people's neighbors and landlords aren't so keen on the idea of rock shows instead of TiVos, the scene has to keep a relatively low profile. Local blog Nashville's Dead helps keep fans of JEFF the Brotherhood, Kintaro, Heavy Cream, Daniel Pujol and other living-room rockers in the know without blowing their cover (the way flyers or, ahem, listings in the local alt-weekly do). If you've already taken in a lineup at Little Hamilton, Glenn Danzig's House (not actually Glenn Danzig's house) or Skyhouse, you probably already know. Throw in funny asides and news about bands from all over who travel the D.I.Y. trail, and this blog comes up aces without blowing up the spot. "

courtesy of the Nashville Scene

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